Alamance County Public Libraries are sometimes able to add donated materials that are of popular interest and in new or very good condition.  Otherwise, the materials are given to the Friends of the Library for their annual book sale, which in turn provides money for materials and other needs of the libraries.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when making donations of materials to the libraries:

  • Textbooks, magazines and materials in poor physical condition can rarely be used by the libraries and do not sell very well.  These donations are discouraged.
  • Please place donations in boxes or sturdy bags.  Make sure they are of a size that can be easily lifted, as they may need to be moved several times.
  • Please be aware that library staff is not always available to help unload the materials from your vehicle.  Please call ahead if you will need this service. 

If you have a small number of boxes or bags (5 or fewer) they may be taken to the public service desk at any of the Alamance County Public Libraries.  If you have a larger number, please arrange to take them to the delivery door at the May Memorial Library in Burlington between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.  Since there is no guarantee that staff will be available to help unload, it is helpful to call ahead to make arrangements.

Thank you for your support of the Alamance County Public Libraries.