Thanking Our Partners

This is the time of year that I find myself reflecting on the many things I have to be grateful for and at the top of my list is Alamance County Public Libraries. I am thankful to work with such wonderful people, both staff, volunteers, and the many patrons that come through our doors. I…

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Spring Renewal

As I write this the snow is melting, the daylight hours are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  I was able to sit on my back porch and enjoy a good book and some sunshine yesterday.  There’s nothing like a hint of Spring to give you a sense of renewal. Your libraries are…

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SOAR Award Nominees

Recently Alamance County Government implemented something they call the SOAR Award.  It is given each quarter to a county employee that demonstrates excellence in their field.  Nominations can be made by the public and by other County employees.  This past quarter 33 county employees were nominated.  Seven of those were from our libraries!  What a…

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A Book A Week

How many of you make New Year resolutions?  And the next question is, how many of you keep those resolutions?!  Last January, I promised myself that I would read at least 1 book a week during 2014.  Because my brain is too full to be able to remember everything, I keep up with what I…

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A Hidden Gem

My staff was recently involved in interviewing candidates for a position working in our library system. One of the people they interviewed referred to the library as a “hidden gem”, even though that person was a native of Alamance County. That led me to wonder how anyone in our community could be unaware of Alamance…

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Choosing Civility

You may have heard me mention a book called Choosing Civility: 25 rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M Forni in one of my previous columns.  All library staff was required to read it two years ago as we undertook a project to look at how we do business.  Basically it’s all about remembering your manners…

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The Importance of Summer Reading Programs

If you’ve been anywhere near a public library during the months of June, July and August, you probably noticed the increase in noise and excitement as young children and their parents and caregivers flock to their local libraries. Summer reading plays a major role in public library programming.  It is important because it provides more…

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Libraries as Community Centers

Libraries as Community Centers If you had come to May Memorial and Graham Public Library on Saturday, March 8, as I did, you would have seen every single chair occupied, people sitting on the floor reading books with their children, small groups browsing the honor paperback section and people reading magazines.  You would have seen…

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Support Your Local Libraries!

Support your local libraries! In a speech she made to the Metro School Librarians in Tennessee, songwriter and author Janis Ian said “Books fill the empty pages of our hearts.  They leave their language on our souls.  Whether a story leaps at us from the printed page, or whispers to us from a CD, or…

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End of the Year Review

I’m in the process of doing end of the year reports and getting ready for the new fiscal year.  This is always an interesting time to look back at what we have accomplished and get excited about the new things being offered in the upcoming year.  I thought I’d share a little with you. Between…

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I love springtime.  I’ve always thought of spring as a season of renewal.  The earth comes alive with her colorful cloak of flowers and greening trees.  It’s the time of year when the world is full of possibilities.  The days stay lighter longer so there’s more time for working in the dirt, planting new flowers…

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Thinking the Best

Last year Alamance County Public Library staff read Choosing Civility: the Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni.  At our annual staff development day in September, we voted on the 25 practices Mr. Forni discusses to choose 10 that we felt best applied to our perception of how we want our organization to operate. …

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