Pinterest Pals: Join us as we meet each month and explore a different topic on Pinterest.  We will make a craft, share a recipe, and discuss tips all from Pinterest.  Be sure to bring your most recent Pinterest finding and share it with the group.  All supplies provided.  Free and Open to the Public.  Ages 16+ only please.

ACPL Folder’s Club: For adults interested in paper folding. Call 336-229-3588 for more information.

Geocache Hunt: There are several different ways to complete the geocache: 1. Download the Free Opencaching App to any GPS enabled smart phone;  2. Visit, sign up for a free account and send the coordinates to a GPS device; 3. Type the coordinates into Google Maps then use the clues to find the container;

Geocache Clues:

  1. ACPL 1 of 6 – Where You Tend a Rose: or!geocache/OX56Q4M
  2. ACPL 2 of 6 – The Game is Afoot: or!geocache/OX56FZM
  3. ACPL 3 of 6 – As You Wish: or!geocache/OX5692V
  4. ACPL 4 of 6 – Three Billy Goats Found a Troll: or!geocache/OX568P7
  5. ACPL 5 of 6 – Where Song is Imprisoned: or!geocache/OX56G0T
  6. ACPL 6 of 6 – Quilts and Cotton Gins: or!geocache/OXZRNRZ