Busy September

I used to think that summers were the time of year where you moved at a slower pace.  School was out and, even though I always worked during summer, life just seemed quieter and easier.  If you visited any of your local libraries this summer, you quickly saw that this isn’t necessarily the case!  Libraries were hopping July and August as Summer Reading Programs connected children, young adults and grown-ups to a wide variety of programs and reading material.  Our themes had us traveling all over the globe as children discovered “One World, Many Stories” and adults read “Novel Destinations”.  Young adults found that “You are Here” could be any place on earth when you become immersed in a good book!  Nope, no quiet, restful place to be found in libraries during the summer months!Now we’re looking ahead to the fall.  The calendar is already full of upcoming events, so I don’t anticipate a slow, quiet time in the near future, either! Do you remember getting your first library card?  I was so proud to have my very own card with my name on it.  I felt so important carrying it around in my pocket.  It was better than gold, as far as I was concerned!  September is National Library Card month.  Michael Parker, who wrote The Watery Part of the World, will be speaking at May Memorial Library to help us celebrate.  A library card is the smartest card you’ll ever have in your wallet and gains you access to a world of information, stories, and services.  If you don’t already have one, be sure to come by any library and sign up for your very own library card.  When you get your first library card, you can enter a drawing to win a prize.Another big event in September is the 75th anniversary of the Mebane Library.  We are busy planning a month of activities including a production by the ever popular Bright Star Theater.  Anna Jean Mayhew will be on hand to talk about her new book The Dry Grass of August.  Carole Troxler will give us some insight into local history as she shares her new book, Farming Dissenters: The Regulator Movement in Piedmont North Carolina.  Keep your eyes and ears out for all kinds of ways to celebrate Mebane Library with us.We have a lot going on at all the Libraries.  I hope you’ll join me in the many programs and events taking place at all our branches as we celebrate the joy of reading and having your very own library card.

August 8, 2011