I have been thinking about changes a lot lately.  It seems like all aspects of my life are undergoing changes this fall.  Some of them I’m ready for and welcome, some make me sad, and some promise to be quite an adventure whether I’m ready or not!  All of them challenge me to become a better person and to pay attention to how I am in the world, and that’s never a bad thing.

Earlier this month my soon-to-be-husband and I had to make the hard decision to place his brother in a group home.  Randy has lived with us full-time for 2 years and is such an important part of our lives, but we’ve reached a point where we couldn’t give him the care he needs.  We are sad that he is no longer a part of our daily-ness and struggled with making this decision.  But when I visit him at his new home and see how the wonderful people from Ralph Scott Life Services are caring for him and how happy he is, I know this change was a good thing.

Rick and I are getting married later this month.  Many people have asked me if I am changing my name and wonder why when I tell them “yes”.  I want the world to know what an honor it is to create a life together with this man.  Taking his last name signifies that I feel a great sense of pride at being a part of his life.  So on October 22, I will change from MJ Goodrum to MJ Wilkerson.

Our catalog is getting a new look to it that we are very excited about.  The front page of the catalog will have what is called a ‘book river’ in which book covers scroll across the screen.  We will highlight new titles, a variety of topics, authors and other things in this book river.  When you see a cover that interests you, just click on it to get additional information about the book.  With this new catalog you will be able to write reviews for titles that you have read so that you can recommend them to other people.  You even have the option of tagging titles.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with this, it means that you may add words that best describe the book.  Some people even use tagging as a way to help them identify whether or not they’ve read a book!  Our experience has taught us that simple, one or two word phrases work best!  We are also adding a children’s catalog that is user friendly for young children.

Many of you have asked when we are going to begin offering eBooks, or downloadable books for circulation.  We are currently in the process of adding eBooks to our collection.  I hear the excitement out there even as I write this!  We have been getting requests for this service for quite awhile and have finally found a vendor we can afford that will also offer a good selection of what you will be interested in reading.  We are still ironing some of the logistics of the service, but I promise, it is on the way!

May Memorial and Graham Public Library will be getting self-checkout units installed in their libraries, hopefully soon after Christmas.  This money was designated last year from the Gardner Trust Fund and we have begun the ordering process.  We are excited about these and the opportunity to serve you even more efficiently.

Changes are happening.  I hope you will join me as we continue to make our libraries an even better place for your lifelong learning in our community.
October 19, 2011