Being Thankful

It’s always seemed to me that the Christmas and Thanksgiving Holidays are backwards.  Thanksgiving is spent concentrating on what we have to be thankful for and Christmas is, among other things, giving and receiving gifts.  My days after Christmas are spent writing thank you cards to the many wonderful people who have given me gifts.  That leads me to look back on the previous year to reflect on the many gifts that happened in my life.  Every year I feel there is so much to be thankful for!

Our libraries are facing a very tight budget this year.  The money we use to purchase books and CDs and movies for our collections was cut by 5 percent.  In addition, we did not qualify to receive the full amount of our State Aid, thus absorbing another cut to our materials budget.  You would think that, given this stark scenario, it would be a stretch to find anything to be thankful for.  But that is not the case!

Our Friends of the Alamance County Public Libraries increased the money they donate to the library this year, giving more money for us to use on programs for adults, teens and children; money to purchase books and playaways and other equipment.  For their generosity, I am truly grateful.

Local book clubs such as the Twin Lakes Book Club and the Mentor Book Club and agencies such as NAMI and the Farm Bureau have sent donations to us for the purchase of new books.  Individuals have sent money so that books may be purchased in honor of or in memory of a loved one.  Bookplates are placed in those books acknowledging both the giver and the person being honored.  Someone even gave money to a staff member in line at the grocery store for us to use to purchase books with!  For these groups and individuals, I am also very grateful.

Each of your Libraries makes “Adopt-A-Book” envelopes available to anyone that is interested in donating money to Alamance County Public Libraries for the purchase of materials.  Twenty dollars will purchase one title of staff choice.  Bookplates honoring someone and acknowledging the donor are permanently attached to the books so that others may see your gift.  The “Adopt-A-Book” gift is a wonderful way to acknowledge someone that is special to you or has made an impact in your life.

For all of you who support your libraries and the services that libraries provide, I am truly very thankful.
January 11, 2012