I love springtime.  I’ve always thought of spring as a season of renewal.  The earth comes alive with her colorful cloak of flowers and greening trees.  It’s the time of year when the world is full of possibilities.  The days stay lighter longer so there’s more time for working in the dirt, planting new flowers or caring for old ones, tilling rich earth to prepare a bed for vegetables.  My front porch swing and my rocking chair call to me, begging me to come enjoy a glass of wine, a good book, and the warm sunshine.

Springtime, really more than New Year, is the time that I look at my life and think about what I want to accomplish, who I want to be.  Our library staff starts planning and getting excited about new programs and ideas for the upcoming year.  We plan activities for the Summer Reading Program.  We start dreaming up cool and innovative events to take place during National Library Card Sign-Up month, and even National Library Week, which just ended.  We think about programs we can offer our community that will get them as excited about libraries as we are.

We also take a look at what we have accomplished.  At the end of June staff will compile a bunch of numbers that tell how many books we checked out, how many people entered our doors, how many people used the computers.  The numbers are great, but what about the stories?  How do we tell about the child that was delighted to discover the Origami class offered at Mebane?  Or the young woman who got a job because she took our computer classes and now has the skills she needs for the workforce?  How do we tell about the young boy who now reads at his grade level and enjoys it because he gets to read to one of the therapy dogs in our PAWS for Reading program?  Our libraries make a difference.  Our libraries touch lives.  Our libraries make an impact.

I hope that you will visit Alamance County Public Libraries to enjoy all that we have to offer and let us touch your life.

May 15, 2013

I am reading The Hidden City by Michelle West, The Rip-tide Ultra-glide by Tim Dorsey and Sarah Susanka’s The Not So Big Life.  I am listening to the soundtrack to ”The Game of Thrones”