Support Your Local Libraries!

Support your local libraries!

In a speech she made to the Metro School Librarians in Tennessee, songwriter and author Janis Ian said “Books fill the empty pages of our hearts.  They leave their language on our souls.  Whether a story leaps at us from the printed page, or whispers to us from a CD, or blinds us with its beauty when we see it on film, words capture and hold our dreams.  They remind us of ourselves at our best, and teach us what we can be.  They carry our longing for the stars, and point us toward them when we are too earthbound to do it ourselves.”

As the winter holidays approach and we begin our holiday shopping, why think about purchasing a gift that speaks to all our hearts and souls?   Books open up the world and libraries make those worlds available to everyone.   Alamance County offers an Adopt-a-book program, an alternative to “routine” gift giving.  Through your adoption of a book, you would be providing a gift to the entire County.  A minimum contribution of $20 provides the placement of a bookplate in the book we purchase with your donation, honoring a recipient you designate.  We will send a tribute card to the designated person, letting them know of your gift.   By making a contribution to our Adopt-A-Bookprogram, you provide a long lasting gift that others may enjoy.  Long after the fad of the Furby Boom or the Nerf Rebelle Guardian Crossbow has worn off, your book will still be in our collection, being checked and read by others in our community.  What a great and unique way to honor someone you love and support your libraries at the same time!

As you read through our newsletter, you see all the great programs Alamance County Public Libraries offer and the many services that we provide.  Your support helps us better serve our community.  That support might be making a monetary contribution to Alamance County Public Libraries, volunteering your time, getting your library card and using the many services we offer.  Whatever way you support our Libraries, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am reading:  Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley and listening to Classical music for Book Lovers.

November 13, 2013
M.J. Wilkerson

Director, Alamance County Public Libraries