SOAR Award Nominees

Recently Alamance County Government implemented something they call the SOAR Award.  It is given each quarter to a county employee that demonstrates excellence in their field.  Nominations can be made by the public and by other County employees.  This past quarter 33 county employees were nominated.  Seven of those were from our libraries!  What a great acknowledgement of the awesome people we have serving you in our libraries every day.  I frequently tell other Public Library Directors what a great staff I have.  It’s nice to see that others in our community recognize this, too.

People tend to only talk to supervisors when they have something to complain about, but I frequently get notes or calls from our patrons, sharing how much they appreciate Library staff.  I’ve gotten emails thanking staff for their programs and their hard work.  I’ve received letters via snail mail letting me know how much our staff has helped a patron with a special problem and how much it was appreciated.  This is so gratifying because I know how hard our staff works to provide a positive experience to anyone that comes to any of our Library branches.  The really nice thing about our staff is that they sincerely want to help the people that come through our doors.  They want to provide high-quality programs and services that are helpful to our community.  Library staff strives to give excellent customer service, so it wasn’t really a surprise that the Libraries had 7 people nominated to be recognized for their excellence.

Next time you visit us, be sure to give your congratulations to Shari Vassello and Elizabeth Weislak (both at the Mebane Branch), Amy Barr (at the Graham Library) and Lisa Kobrin, Emery Lai, Erin Loveland, and Christina Whitesell (at May Memorial).

M.J. Wilkerson
Library Director
January 9, 2015