“The No More Excuses Diet” by Maria Kang

The No More Excuses Diet by Maria Kang

Let’s face it. It’s the middle of June. New Year’s Resolutions have long since gone out the window for the majority of us. Well, what about mid-year resolutions? What about resolutions just because it’s a new day? Why not? Now, I don’t know about you, but my diets fall apart more often than relationships in Fleetwood Mac, or at least they used to until I stopped making excuses and just told myself that I could do it and guess what! There was a perfect book out there to get me started: The No More Excuses Diet by Maria Kang.

The best thing about this book was that the author seemed to know me, or at least, my type. She knew my strengths and my weaknesses. She knew where I was falling apart and losing myself and she knew exactly how to tackle that problem and bring me back. As I read The No More Excuses Diet, I pictured Kang in her workout clothes, yelling at me and jumping up and down in exuberance over getting healthy and losing weight. I thought it would be tiring to read something so passionate, but it wasn’t. It got me in it to win it and I feel great.

Now, for those of us who have dieted in the past, we know in order to have the results we want, we need to focus our health on becoming a way of life. With Kang’s book, it’s possible to do so. Kang focuses a lot on short-term goals. The majority of us have these goals of losing a crazy amount of weight. Crazy, yes, but not impossible. What’s impossible is us wanting to see it come off fast. Until it hits us that that’s not something that’s going to happen in two weeks, we will always fall off the wagon. It’s really the small victories that lead to big successes, and that’s a key focus of Kang’s.

The No More Excuses Diet includes meal plans, up to seven weeks’ worth of home workouts, a healthy grocery list and so much more. Most of the questions I have ever had in regards to weight loss or exercise, Kang has answered. She even includes plateau busting tips. I don’t know about you dieters out there, but plateaus are the very thing that have caused me to fail all of my past diets. I hit a wall and I am done. I’m not now nor will I ever be able to lose more weight than this. Well guess what. I can and I have! I am 30 pounds down!

I will admit, a lot of this book has a good amount of information the majority of us already know, but there are some things I didn’t know, and for that alone, I’m grateful to have read The No More Excuses Diet. I may not have followed everything down to the letter. I did not try her home workouts, nor did I try her meal plan, but I honestly have to say Kang shocked me. I thought this book was going to be another “Oh, try this! It works wonders!” book, but it’s not. It’s really a down to earth, very basic, bare-bones dieting book. It’s truly up to you how you want to use her plan. It’s very mental and it’s meant to hit you hard where you’re your worst. It’s motivational.

I checked out The No More Excuses Diet because I needed to get past my excuses. I have used her methods in breaking my excuses and her methods in working out in a gym. They’re phenomenal and I couldn’t suggest this book more. With The No More Excuses Diet, you’re able to kind of pick and choose exactly what you want to follow, but the message is clear. No more excuses!

Emery Lai is a Library Assistant at Alamance County Public Libraries. She may be reached at elai@alamancelibraries.org or 336-229-3588.