Have You Heard a Good Book Lately?

Have You Heard a Good Book Lately?

I love to read.  If I didn’t have all of the usual obligations of work, home, family and hobbies, I would read all the time.  I would read fiction and nonfiction, adult and children’s books, classics and contemporary literature.  As a librarian, I am constantly exposed to new titles, new books just begging to be read.  As I grow increasingly frustrated by “so many books, so little time”,  I turn more and more to audiobooks to satisfy my need to learn, grow and experience from the many great books that are available.

If you also find yourself with limited time to devote to reading, or if you are planning a long road trip, or you just simply enjoy listening to stories and information, then audiobooks may be a good choice for you as well.  Your Alamance County Public Libraries can help.  The library has audiobooks in a several formats.  CD audiobooks are available for checkout for three weeks with your library card.  Playaways (small MP3-type devices that contain one book each) are also available for three week checkout.    Books on CD might have from 5 – 25 separate discs to keep up with, while Playaways are self-contained, one title per device.  The CD and Playaway audiobook collections contain both fiction and non-fiction titles for listeners of all ages.

A third audiobook option that is available from the library is the downloadable audiobook (or eAudio).  Our library’s collection is available from Recorded Books via their One Click Digital service.  You may be familiar with One Click Digital through our statewide electronic resource consortium, NC LIVE (www.nclive.org).  North Carolina library users have had access to a limited number of downloadable audiobooks through NC LIVE for many years.  The NC LIVE audiobooks are shared by library users across the state, and are checked out on a one user at a time basis.  Earlier this year, Alamance County Public Libraries subscribed to a new service that adds over 4,000 audiobook titles to the collection already available from NC LIVE.  This new collection is only available to ACPL card holders and the titles in this collection can be checked out by multiple library users at the same time.

To access the One Click Digital audiobook collection, to to http://alamanceconc.oneclickdigital.com

Once there, you will find both the NC LIVE collection and the ACPL collection.  There are many search options available to help you locate just the right title to listen to.  Titles check out for 21 days.  You must create an account to use this service and if you have already created an account to use the audiobooks available through NC LIVE, that account will work with this collection as well.  A One Click Digital app is available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook.  The app makes it easy to checkout and download titles to phones, tablets and other e-reading devices.

Library staff members will be happy to assist with questions you might have about this service.  Happy listening!

Martha Sink is Alamance County Public Libraries’ Associate Director of Technical Services.  She can be reached at msink@alamancelibraries.org or 336-513-4754.