Salem Press and The Reference Shelf

Answers in the Digital Age

What is the treatment for Lyme Disease?  How does NC rank with the other states in area and population?  What was the War of the Roses all about?  Who was Anne Bonny?  What are MOOCs and why are they important?

Many years ago, when I was just a baby librarian, questions like this were answered by going to the bookshelves in the Reference section of the library.  Librarians would select the proper book, search the contents and locate just the right information to suit the questioner’s needs.  My how Reference work has changed!  While the process is basically the same – selecting the proper resource, searching for and locating the information – the resources have changed quite a bit.  While libraries still have many print resources, more and more of those resources are now also, or exclusively, available in electronic format.

Salem Press is a well-known publisher of library Reference materials.  Because Alamance County Public Libraries owns some of their print resources, we also have access to those same resources in electronic format.  The following titles are available through the library’s website for both library staff and library users to access:

“The 50 States”
“Magill’s Medical Guide, Seventh Edition”
The “Great Events from History” Series which includes:
The Ancient World
Renaissance & Early Modern Era
The Middle Ages
The Seventeenth Century
The Eighteenth Century
The Nineteenth Century
The Twentieth Century
The “Great Lives from History” Series which includes:
Inventors & Inventions
Notorious Lives
The Ancient World
The Seventeenth Century
The Eighteenth Century
The Nineteenth Century
The “Reference Shelf” Series which includes volumes on:
The Digital Age
The Supreme Court
The Transformation of American Cities

Library users can gain access to the wealth of information contained in these Reference resources by going to the library website:  https://www.alamancelibraries.org  Click on the tab for Resources and choose Online Resources.  Scroll down the page to the section for Salem Health or Salem History.  Either link will take you to the main page where you can choose any of these resources.

Martha Sink is Alamance County Public Libraries’ Associate Director of Technical Services.  She can be reached at msink@alamancelibraries.org or 336-513-4754.