“Touched by an Alien” by Gini Koch

Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch
DAW Books, c2010

Katherine “Kitty” Katt was just your regular marketing manager getting off from a day on jury duty when she walks by a domestic dispute gone ugly.  She would have walked by without interfering if the man hadn’t suddenly turned into a six foot winged monster that shot razor sharp blades out of its feathers, killing everything around!  Before she knows what she’s doing, Kitty has grabbed the nearest weapon and jumped into the melee.

Now, she’s surrounded by agents that are the most handsome men she’s ever seen in her life, one of them is telling her she’s all he could ever want in a wife and, oh yeah, she’s being forcible recruited into the “agency!”  Who would have thought that one of the stupidest decisions she’s ever made in her life could lead to being let in on the secret that every UFO nut would love to know?  Aliens are amongst us…and there’s a lot of different kinds!

Ms. Koch takes readers on a wild ride, following the antics of Katherine Katt as she discovers that aliens have been living alongside humans for the past fifty plus years.  Not only are they beautiful, but they have naturally faster reflexes and some even have special abilities.  How have they stayed hidden for so long and why would world leaders accept them on Earth?

I love a good paranormal romance novel.  Were-creatures and magical beings make great heroes and heroines and romance novels all end with a happily ever after.  But stories involving aliens are usually considered science fiction and don’t often have happy endings.  Ms. Koch was able to create a strong female character in an alien and evil villain infested plot that wraps up with an open-ended happy ending that leaves room for the next book in the Alien series.

What could go wrong with a series that involves a never ending supply of the most beautiful people in the world, possibly the galaxy, and a quirky, female character with a laugh out loud sense of humor that keeps getting into the most bizarre situations.  Touched by an Alien is the first novel in the Alien series that follows the life, love, friends and family of Kitty Katt through twelve books and counting!

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