“Is It Just Me” by Miranda Hart

“Is It Just Me?” by Miranda Hart. Copyright 2012, Hodder & Stoughton (323 pages, $12.95).

“Is It Just Me?” is an autobiography of one of my favorite comedians Miranda Hart. Some of you may recognize the name since she plays “Chummy” in Call the Midwife as well as Melissa McCarthy’s friend in the movie Spy. But other than that, most of you may not know who she is at all. I suggest that you pick up this book and become acquainted.

Hart has a real ease with her writing, connecting with the reader off the back by establishing a friendly relationship. Calling us “My Dear Reader Chum” or “MDRC” for short. By building this repertoire with the reader Hart snatches us up as she begins by navigating through her past (awkward years that everyone one of us can relate to) and then plunging into her present.

In her chapter about exercise, Hart explores different ways of silliness with her “MDRC,” wanting us to embrace the hilarity of the seriousness that we view exercising as. She urges the reader to embrace spur of the moment moonwalking and maraca shaking to include fun into fitness. Hart is encouraging us to view life – even the things we may not want to do like exercise – in a better, funnier way!

Hart also challenges her readers to embrace themselves and the world around them even if it’s all in jest. In her chapter about beauty, for example, Hart asks her “MDRC” to take a moment and “Say It Out Loud With Miranda.” A game she plays with the reader to say the next thing she has written down out loud to gauge your own personal response to the text as well as others responses if you’re in a public setting. By doing this she is able to actually ask her title question, “Is it just me?” (a reoccurring question) and thus allowing the reader to look deeper within one’s self then just what is on the surface.

What it all just comes down to is one simple thing: Hart is full of heart.

If you loved “Is It Just Me?” make sure you ask your librarian or librarian assistant to see about ordering Hart’s upcoming book “Peggy & Me” that comes out in October 2016 and are tales of her adventures with her close canine companion.

Kayleigh Dyer is a Library Assistant at Graham Library. Contact her at kdyer@alamancelibraries.org or (336) 570-6730.