Radiant Road By Katherine Catmull

radiant-road-catmullThere’s a stigma, sometimes, with adults reading YA (young adult) books. And being someone who doesn’t follow those kinds of rules I picked up “The Radiant Road” by Katherine Catmull. If I’m being honest, the cover is what drew me in towards the book but I kept reading because of the story Catmull wrote. Catmull’s description of the Irish coastline is amazing. Having just visited Ireland this summer myself I was transported back over the Atlantic and reconnected with the beautiful country.

We begin with Clare Macleod in the United States but then travel to Ireland, Clare’s homeland to explore more of the “fairy – makings” and Irish lore Catmull incorporates into her novel. Ireland is a fantastic place for Catmull’s protagonist to explore her “fairy” like roots being a land filled with such lush backstories of fairies and myths.

Clare has always been a bit of a dreamer, being a loner she writes away in her mother’s old journal and keeps to herself. Clare tries to fight against the “Strange” that follows her around but in the end she excepts it and embraces it. We read and experience with Clare as she figures out her true nature, her true destiny. To help the Fay to make, to dream, and to help protect them from the darkness that is Balor, a faerie that has been banished from his world in Timeless to our own.

What I take away from Catmull’s novel is that it’s ok to judge a book by its cover. It’s ok to branch out and read something that is “not intended for you” so to say. You never know what kind of magic is going to twist its way through the story and your life if you never take the chance to try.

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