Even superheroes can go to the “Dark Side”…

Iinjustice_gods_among_us_vol_1_1_raapack_variantnjustice: Gods Among Us, Vol. 1 (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

I know what you’re thinking right now. A graphic novel? Why should I read this? Aren’t they just for kids? Graphic novels are not just for kids anymore and they are so much more than just a comic book. Graphic novels are one way that stories can come alive because they can depict actions and emotions that may not always be conveyed using just words. You see the characters, the things they go through, and become an even larger part of the story.

Why did I pick this particular graphic novel? Of course, I am obsessed with Batman and I’m currently reading all of the Batman related graphic novels and books that our libraries currently own, but this particular graphic novel was my favorite by far because it was so raw and you feel for the characters with every page. This graphic novel is the ultimate struggle between good and evil, but it shows that neither side is black and white.

Here’s a quick summary: The Joker has finally done the most devious thing he can think of and this pushes Superman to destroy the two things he loves most along with destroying Metropolis. Superman decides he must be the one to prevent something like this from happening again and takes on the role of High Councilor to protect the world, but who stands with him? Who stands against him? Is he doing this for good or only personal gain? Is he still truly good? Can Superman, an alien, declare himself protector of the world just because he has superpowers? Included superheroes include: Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, the Flash, and pretty much everyone from the DC Comics Universe. All of the human, heroes, and villains must decide if they will fight with Superman or against him in this world war.

This graphic novel tells the backstory of the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us (for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation) that was released in 2013. This game was modeled after fighting games like Mortal Kombat and the player can fight with various DC Universe characters. Reviews for this video game were mixed, but the reviews for this graphic novel were phenomenal!

I highly recommend this graphic novel to anyone who loves DC Comics characters and also to anyone that revels in the fight between good versus evil. Although this is just the first part of the series, there are many more that follow. Check out your copy today from one of our library branches!

Tamia Taylor is the Technology Librarian at the May Memorial Library.  She can be reached at (336) 229-3588 or ttaylor@alamancelibraries.org.