Salad in a Jar by Anna Helm Baxter

As the world becomes more conscious of their personal health and wellness, there has been a rise in demand for books, Pinterest tips, quick recipes, etc. These resources tend to fulfill a new outlook on life and are easy to implement.  Not only do people want something that is quick and easy, but also visually appealing.

A new cookbook by Anna Helm Baxter entitled Salad in a Jar fulfills all of these things.  This book contains sixty-eight recipes for green and gourmet salads and includes easy-to-follow instructions on layering ingredients in Mason jar containers.  These on-the-go salads are of the take and shake variety.  This means that the glass jars keep ingredients fresher longer because you only mix everything together when it’s time to eat.

The eye-catching cover attracts attention while a brief skim of the pages show wonderful images of recipes with a wide variety of ingredient choices in which the pickiest of eaters can find a salad recipe to suit them. Recipes can be modified to accommodate different ingredients depending on what is on hand or for salad dressing preferences.  It can also be modified from an individual serving in a small mason jar to a larger scale for family dinners.  There are even tips on how to store left overs so that they’re easy to incorporate into a Mason jar salad.

This cookbook would appeal to any level of chef, beginner to expert, anyone interested in improving their health and wellness, and any do-it-yourself cook looking for fun ways to improve lunch for their families or just themselves.  Mason jars are prevalent in crafting nowadays and can be found in multi-packs at the store or even in thrift stores.  Whether your ingredients are fresh garden grown, farmers’ market finds, or just from the grocery store, this book will help add flair to your meals.

Susana Goldman is the Associate Director of Operations for the Alamance County Public Libraries.  She can be reached at sgoldman@alamancelibraries.org.