Welcome to the new Youth Services Coordinator!

On March 6, 2017, Elizabeth Weislak will take over as the Youth Services Coordinator for Alamance County Public Libraries. While Elizabeth is new to this position, she is certainly not new to our library system. We are excited about working with Elizabeth in this new endeavor!

Elizabeth WeislakElizabeth came to Alamance County Public Libraries in 2009, when she was hired to work part time at Mebane Library. She quickly became a vital part of that team and was moved to a full-time position in 2011. During her time at Mebane, Elizabeth started the Awesome Readers Book Club. She gets kids in this club not only to read books but to relate what they read to the world around them, epitomizing our mission statement of helping our community members be successful in living a larger life. She has also brought STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to the library by creating a fun and engaging program called Science Explorers.

Elizabeth is great at connecting with her young audience. Her enthusiasm for children’s books and her love of reading are contagious and have been instrumental in her career with us. Her excitement about books she has read and loved shows in every interaction she has with children. As she says, “Over my seven years of working in youth services at the Mebane Library, I came to realize that youth services is my passion.” That passion shows through in everything she does.

Just over a year ago, Elizabeth earned her Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences. We have all been holding our breath, afraid she would find a position somewhere and leave us. So it is with great pleasure that we were able to offer her this professional position when it came available. Everyone is looking forward to the energy and creativity that she will bring to this position as she oversees youth services and programs for our entire library system. Elizabeth shared that “I enjoy finding new and exciting resources for youth services, and I also enjoy thinking about how larger trends in the youth services field might be adapted or applied to best serve our community. I hope to offer direction and be a resource to the youth services staff across our branches, so that we can continue to innovate and offer engaging and high quality programs to our communities for years to come.” I think we are very lucky to have Elizabeth take over as Youth Services Coordinator and I hope you will join me in welcoming her. Look for some very cool and exciting things to happen in our Children and Young Adult programs!