The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

Little Paris Bookshop by Nina GeorgeThis is an ideal summer read where you will be transported to Paris then float on a barge through France surrounded by books, wine, love, and great conversation. Who can resist?

The German novelist, Nina George, is prolific and in the 22 years since she started her career has written almost 30 books, including mysteries, relationship guides and steamy romances.  She works as a journalist, writer and storytelling teacher.  With “The Little Paris Bookshop,” George has her first international hit, the tale of a lovelorn bookseller who sells books from his barge on the Seine and sees his calling as part matchmaker, part witch doctor. “There are books that are suitable for a million people, others for only a hundred,” he explains. “There are even remedies — I mean books — that were written for one person only.”

For booklovers, Francophiles and foodies alike this is a delightful read. Jean Perdu, the main character, owns the ‘Literary Apothecary’ a book barge on the Seine. He prescribes his customers books they need at that moment in their lives, looking into their souls and choosing books that will heal them or make them better versions of themselves. Despite his ability to mend hearts, he seems unable to heal his own, left with a broken soul when his true love, Manon, left with a letter that he didn’t open for twenty years.

Perdu is living a half-life, frozen, not daring to open himself up to the world. Then he meets Catherine who forces him to confront his past, and be open to love again. This compels Perdu to set sail to seek answers and live again.

The novel is magical and transports you into another realm and flows so well that you become engrossed in Perdu’s world and all the characters who are each so unique and endearing. This is a story of love, loss, new beginnings and embracing life, savoring friendships and experiences, Paris and France, good food, wine and of course, books. The book gives plenty of food for thought about what we really want or need in life and what’s really important.

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