Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer

The Summer vacationers are a common occurrence in Nantucket.  For the year-round residents, it’s when the majority of their business Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayeroccurs and when the crazy neighbors come and go, but are overall not a heavy impact on their regular lives.  After a childhood of being shuffled from one family member to another, Darcy Cotterill was sent to live with her grandmother in Nantucket when she was ten.  Years after her divorce to the husband that swept her off her feet into what had looked like the ideal family only to discover there is no such thing, Darcy has finally settled once again into the house she lived in with her grandmother.

She loves her life as a children’s librarian at the Nantucket library, spending Sundays with her closest friends, Mondays in her grandmother’s garden and every free moment she can manage with the new man in her life.  But this summer has some hidden twists that she is not expecting.  Her summer neighbors this year are an elderly woman, who reminds her of her grandmother, and her grandson, a young couple with three rambunctious boys, and none other than her ex-husband and his new wife and step-daughter.

It’s unavoidable to stay separated from her neighbors this year when she overhears her ex-husband’s fourteen-year-old stepdaughter being coaxed into doing heroin by a local boy, her elderly neighbor collapses in her yard and the harried young mother seeks helps when she has her hands full.  Oh, and there’s the attraction to the neighbor’s grandson, a musicologist taking a leave of absence from his life to give his grandmother the summer of memories she was looking for.

Nancy Thayer creates a lovely story of everyday life at the beach intertwined with the unexpected impact people can have on your life, whether you know them for one summer or much longer.  Although this is not a complicated read it is an enjoyable and lighthearted journey about the decisions and mistakes that people make.  An easy addition for your summer beach reading needs. Plus, Ms. Darcy Cotterill is a Librarian and who doesn’t like librarians?

Susana Goldman is the Associate Director of Operations for the Alamance County Public Library.  She can be reached at sgoldman@alamancelibraries.org.