The Bookshop at Water’s End by Patti Callahan Henry

Bookshop at Water's End by Patti Callahan HenryHome is where the heart is…Bonny Blakenship and Lainey McKay had many treasured memories of idyllic summers spent in Watersend, South Carolina.  As young girls, they played in the sand dunes and oak trees, swam and wished for happy-ever-afters, until the night that Lainey’s mother disappeared.

Now, Bonny’s career as an emergency room doctor is threatened by an error made one crazy night at the E.R.  Fleeing her loveless marriage and her life gone array with her troubled daughter, Piper, who is flunking out of college she heads back to Watersend.  She and Piper just need time away from their problems to see if they can get their lives back on track.

After Lainey’s mother disappears all of her memories of Watersend are destroyed.  The disappearance has scarred her greatly, and now the obsession of finding out what happened is beginning to interfere with her marriage.  When Bonny calls and says she needs her during this time of turmoil, Lainey’s husband nudges her to go back to Watersend in order to put the hunt for her mother behind her.

Reuniting with bookshop owner Mimi, who knows more about their buried secrets than they suspect, has made the lazy summer days magical again.  As secrets are uncovered, new relationships are made, and a family crisis brings long lost loves and extended family running to help these women must navigate the memories, uncover the mystery, and survive their own personal anguishes.

As we follow the characters through the intricate web of personal hang-ups, these three women are able to lean on one another to heal and move on from their problems and pasts.  It’s a fun ride, with plenty of books, beaches, and a relaxed small town that comes together in times of need and celebration.  This is a light-hearted read that uses a neighborhood bookstore to delve into the mysteries hidden in a small town in order to heal the future.

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