Fall is Upon Us!

Fall has finally descended upon us!  Everyone I know is busy with weekend festivals, enjoying the cooler weather, and taking advantage of the wonderful natural resources we have right here in our backyard.  Every weekend seems to be packed full with a different festival or cause.  Then during the week work and school have all of us running non-stop.

I am finding it even more crucial that I take time out of my schedule to plan downtime.  That time just to relax, rejuvenate and unwind.  Every one of us has a different way of doing that; exercise, reading, gardening, family, crafting, etc.  That list truly is inexhaustible.  Here at Alamance County Public Libraries, we have a great audiobook collection that you can listen to the latest bestsellers or your old favorites while doing most of these activities.  As I move through the county and different communities I hear over and over again how no one has time to read.  Believe me, I get it!  Some days I am in my car between meetings more than I am in my office.  It is wonderful to be able to listen to the newest David Baldacci or John Lescroart book while I’m busy zipping across the county.  Here’s the link to all formats of our books and how to get started today: https://www.alamancelibraries.org/books-more/

I hope you have a great Autumn.

Associate Director of Community Relations Jason RogersBest,

Jason M. Rogers
Associate Director of Community Relations