A Time of Hope

Associate Director of Community Relations Jason RogersDecember is always a busy month.  Many of us are busy with holiday parties, celebrations, cooking, visiting with family members, and so much more. From Alamance County Public Libraries to you: We hope you have a wonderful holiday season however you celebrate.

December is also a time to reflect on the past year.  As I am sitting writing I too am reflecting on my past year and realizing just how thankful I am to be here in Alamance County.  I started working here almost a full year ago.  I am humbled by each of you and honored to be able to serve a community as warm and welcoming as this.

I am in awe of what a wonderful staff we have here also. Before working with ACPL I would hear M.J. Wilkerson, the library director, say that she has the best library staff in the state.  Now that I work here I have to say I couldn’t agree more!  As I move between branches and throughout the community I hear wonderful stories on a daily basis.  I recall one such moment from a mom and her two children.  I asked her to tell me about her library and what it means to her. Her response blew me away.

She told me that walking in the library felt like coming home from a long visit every time.   The staff have smiles on their faces and seem to truly love what they are doing. Each person loves interacting with the person in front of them, loves helping them, and most importantly loves the look on my face, or my children’s faces, knowing they helped make our day just a little bit better. That’s why you (the library) being here means a whole lot, to know that you reached out just to give the community something to hang onto and love.  You all put a smile on our faces.

This interaction meant so much and touched my heart that I immediately sat in my car afterward and wrote it down so I would not forget it.  I know many others feel the same because I hear similar stories all the time.  The library is embarking on one more way to share that joy to even more people throughout the county.  It was announced in the newspapers and our website that we are starting a fundraising initiative to add a bookmobile to our services.  If you would like to help, we would greatly appreciate a donation to our bookmobile fund.  Here’s the link to Bookmobile Donations online or you can visit your local library to donate in person.

The most important message I would like to say is:  “Thank you”.

Each of you has made my first year here in Alamance County an amazing one.  So my hope is that each of you will come through our doors this December and just say hello.  Let us know what we mean to you and allow us to share with you how thankful we are to have you in our libraries, our communities, and our hearts.  This is MY hope this holiday season.

Happy Holidays!

Jason M. Rogers