Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand

Winter Solstice by Elin HilderbrandTis the season with this modern family. Winter Solstice is book four in the Winter Street series by Elin Hilderbrand.  Nantucket is beautiful during the holidays and the Winter Street Inn is usually one of the most festive places in town.  There is much to celebrate in the Quinn family this year, but also an emotional rollercoaster to navigate.

Patrick and Jennifer are on the path to rebuilding their lives after Patrick finishes serving his time for insider trading.  Jennifer’s interior design business is starting to get some attention and she is in rehab for her addiction to pills, but their marriage has survived and their three boys are happy.  Kevin is now happily married to Isabelle and they have two children.  Ava is happily living in New York and dating a man she hopes is her happily ever after.  And, Ben, is back from two years in captivity in Afghanistan, trying to figure out his next step.

With happiness on the horizon, the only problem is Kelley’s terminal brain cancer.  He’s fading fast and may not make it to Christmas.   Mitzi must figure out what her future will look like without Kelley.  So this season, the Winter Street Inn is closed and on the market.  It’s a shock for everyone to realize that this may be their last season all together for the holidays as well as in Nantucket.

The four books that make up the Winter Street series take you into the lives of the Quinn family during the holiday season.  Winter Street, book one, introduces the Quinn family during a time of upheaval in Kelley and Mitzi’s marriage.  Winter Stroll, book two, brings more turmoil as ex’s and surprise guests disrupt the holiday cheer.  And Winter Storms, book three, navigates stormy waters as the Quinn children deal with prison, addiction, bad relationships and more.  Winter Solstice is probably the concluding chapter to the Quinn holiday books as the sale of the Inn changes everything.

While it is helpful to read the books of this series in order, it is not necessary.  Winter Solstice is an excellent read for the holidays and acted as a wonderful introduction to this modern day family to a reader who hadn’t read any of the previous novels yet.

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