New Year’s Resolution Time Has Come Again

It’s that time of year again when you start to think about getting your life into shape.  If you can stick with them, New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to help get your mind into the correct frame of mind.  While this is a great start, sometimes having extra help will make your goal much more achievable.

New Healthy Eating Cookbook Jeanne BesserOne book that might come in handy if you’re interested in eating better is the American Cancer Society New Healthy Eating Cookbook by Jeanne Besser.  Working with experts from the American Cancer Society, cookbook author Jeanne Besser organized a cookbook full of 120 recipes taste-tested by medical staff and in keeping with their guidelines on nutrition.  The starting section on the American Cancer Society nutrition guidelines explains what healthy eating means and what it looks like.  Details on good and bad fats, daily recommendations, snacking habits, physical activity and more are helpful and summarized well.  Most recipes do not include a photo but since the recipes are easy to follow and include a per serving list for sugars, carbohydrates, calories, etc. it is well worth the time to read and try.

If you are interested in getting into shape or exercising more this year than something along the lines of Body Moves by Debra Daley might help.  This book is all about choosing the right exercise for your individual needs to improve your health and wellness.  Organized by health issues such as sleep, your mind or bone, joints and muscles, this book will look at the best types of exercise or movement for various medical conditions and recommend types of exercise that may help.  It is full of helpful tips, information on why exercise might help that issue, and colorful photo instructions on movements and instructions on some of the recommended movements.

A completely different issue that people might be interested in for a resolution could be financial wellness.  Personal Finance Made Easy by Alex Lluch was published in 2009 and includes a very nice beginners guide to finances.  With chapters on setting goals, budgeting, saving money, interest rates, buying a home, retirement, taxes, and more, it has something for almost everyone’s personal finance situation.  Each subject is broken down in understandable ways and many provide worksheets and step-by-step processes that can be easily photocopied.

All of these books and more can be found at the library and may get you on the right path.  If you take the time to make a New Year’s resolution this year than let the library help make that goal a reality.  Happy New Year!

Susana Goldman is the Associate Director of Operations for the Alamance County Public Library.  She can be reached at (336) 290-8679 or sgoldman@alamancelibraries.org.