The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick HarrisThe small, sleepy town of Mineral Wells has more going on under the surface than meets the eye…

The Magic Misfits starts you off right in the middle of the action as young Carter Locke is on the run from a mysterious bad guy! As luck would have it, Carter manages to sneak aboard a train and is able to escape the clutches of this stranger (whew!) It’s at this moment that Carter’s luck changes forever. This particular train will take him to the small, peaceful New England town of Mineral Wells. Upon arrival, it is clear that one of the main attractions here is the Grand Oak Resort, a beautiful luxury resort overlooking everything in town. However, Carter also finds out that the carnival is in town! Before he makes his way over to the carnival, he has a chance encounter with a local magician by the name of Mr. Dante Vernon. Mr. Vernon offers Carter some good advice and warns that he must be careful…not all is as it seems here in Mineral Wells. Just as quickly as any skilled magician, Vernon vanishes leaving Carter with his words and his calling card…an ace of spades with a ‘V’ inside!

Later, after finally make it over to the carnival, Carter meets B.B. Bosso who happens to be the owner of this traveling carnival show. Unfortunately for Carter, Mr. Bosso is not the wonderful person that he portrays on stage. In fact, Bosso and his goons corner Carter and try to convince him to join their ranks and use his talent for nefarious purposes. Carter happens to be good at sleight of hand tricks, which his uncle has tried to use for his own personal gain in Carter’s younger days. After escaping Bosso, Carter finds his way back to Mr. Vernon at his magic shop in the heart of town. While here, he meets Mr. Vernon’s daughter, Leila along with her friends Ridley and Theo. This band of misfits all have a mutual interest in magic (though Carter doesn’t really believe in magic at the time, thanks largely to his uncle Sly) and illusion. After becoming better acquainted, the gang heads back out to Bosso’s carnival to hang out and enjoy some magic. However, they all come to realize that something fishy is going on…

The Magic Misfits covers topics that anyone can relate to, especially finding that sense of belonging. No matter how difficult things can get in life, don’t give up! Something better is just on the horizon (maybe even a train ride away!)

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