Sharing Your Stories

As a librarian, I have worked on a public service desk for many years.  I answered questions, checked books out, taught technology skills and guided people of all ages through their information needs at the time.  I have noticed one common thread in the past 12 years, and it is the same regardless of age, race, culture, education level or geographic location; everyone wants to tell you their story.  Some of these stories will make you laugh until you have a stitch in your side.  Other stories will make you incredibly sad.  Most stories are about their families, their neighbors, or why they need the information in the first place.  Every person has a story and these stories are a huge part of what makes us human.  We are social creatures, just look at how social media has changed and shaped our lives in the 21st Century.  These stories are a fundamental way to connect with each other.  Even the simplest stories are important.

Now that I’m the Associate Director of Community Relations here at Alamance County Public Libraries I spend a lot more time out in the communities and almost no time behind a desk.  I hear stories about the libraries and the wonderful staff that work in them.  Members of the public tell me how they love the reading programs or book clubs, the story times at the branches, or about that one time that Karin Clark found the answer when no one else could.  She’s AMAZING! (this is a true story from one of the many stories I hear every day.  Go meet Karin at the Mebane Library).

Right now we are collecting your stories.  We want to hear from you and how reading, education, learning, and most importantly how the library (Public, School, College, etc.) has affected your life.

Feel free to email me directly with your story, or share it on this form.

Tell me, and the world your story today.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Associate Director of Community Relations Jason RogersWarm Regards,

Jason M. Rogers