Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs

Burn Bright by Patricia BriggsAnna and Charles Cornick have been mated for a while now.  Charles is an alpha wolf who is the second in command of his father’s werewolf pack, which just happens to be all of the wolves in North America and some in other countries as well.  Anna is an exceedingly rare Omega wolf, that brings peace to those around her but also feels none of the need to submit to an alpha.  In Burn Bright, the fifth book of Patricia Briggs’ Alpha and Omega series, Charles’s father, Bran, has left Charles in charge of his personal pack in Aspen Creek, Montana to deal with another issue.  This wouldn’t be a problem except that he’s decided not to return when expected and now there’s a problem with the Wildlings.

Bran’s personal pack already consists of wolves that wouldn’t do well under the car of other Alpha’s or in human societies, but the Wildlings are one aspect of Aspen Creek that even the residence don’t interact with.  Wolves that are so far gone that they endanger anyone around them and have been isolated to the mountains around Aspen Creek.  Only Bran and a handful of his strongest wolves know exactly how many Wildlings there are or where they live.  An emergency call for help is unexpected and unwelcome when the Marrok is out of town.

But the Wildlings due present Anna with the possibility of using her Omega gifts to help the most broken of the wolves.  When one such attempt forces Anna and Charles to call on Bran through the pack bonds to save their lives, the Marrok still doesn’t make contact.  What is happening and why isn’t Bran helping?  As Anna and Charles delve out into the unknown wild to see what would frighten the scariest of the wolves, they uncover evidence of a traitor amongst the pack.  Is that why Bran is playing the no-show game?

As an avid fan of Patricia Briggs books, it was great seeing Anna and Charles again.  The Alpha and Omega series is a spin-off series of the Mercy Thompson series, which follows coyote-shifter Mercy and her interactions with the magical communities as well as her Alpha wolf neighbor, Adam.  Mercy grew up as a pseudo-daughter of the Marrok in Aspen Creek with his grown sons Samuel and Charles.  While Samuel is a regular character of her series, Charles got a separate one.  Burn Bright is book five of Charles and Anna’s series, which begins with their initial meeting and mating.  Readers get a lot of insight into Bran’s pack and his mate, Leah, who is not anyone’s favorite person.  Also, getting more of the history that all of the really old wolves have lived through was cool too.  An all-around fun read, great addition to the series, and can easily be read as a standalone novel!

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