The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth WareLo Blacklock is a travel journalist trying to make her mark.  Given the assignment of a lifetime to join the maiden voyage of the Aurora Borealis, an exclusive private vacation yacht, she hopes to kick start her stagnating career.  What she doesn’t except is to have her apartment vandalized while she’s trapped in her bedroom three days before departure and in her sleep-deprived state, hear a murder in the room next door.

Now, Lo must convince security on the Aurora Borealis that she did in fact hear what she’s claiming, when all evidence points over wise and when that fails, probe the passengers on their whereabouts without arising suspicion.  When other small things start to happen as well, Lo must scramble to put the puzzle pieces together before the voyage ends.  Little does she know that there’s a bigger conspiracy taking place that someone is willing to threaten her life to cover up.

Mysteries arise quickly in this sea voyage as Lo tries to balance her job, what she knows actually happened in the cabin next door, and the suspicions of her character that security has dug up.  How do you investigate when everyone is a suspect, all the evidence has been cleaned up, and no one wants to risk their jobs in order to help?

Ms. Ware has done a wonderful job of creating a character that readers both empathize with and are irritated by.  Between anxiety and panic attacks, drinking at frustrating times, and some long mental debates, there are certain parts of this novel that are harder to get through.  But the teasing of future events and the frustration of this mystery keep you reading long enough to get sucked in.  All around a turbulent, choppy read, which seems appropriate since it all takes place on a yacht.

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