Judgement Road by Christine Feehan

Judgment Road by Christine Feehan“Judgement Road” by Christine Feehan, Waterville, Maine : Thorndike Press, 2018.

Torpedo Ink motorcycle club that has recently established territory near the small town of Sea Haven, where the club president now lives with his family.  They are a small club with their fingers in a lot of pies, but they are unique pies when compared to the typical motorcycle club happenings.  No drugs running, prostitution, or gun running for this group.  They are actually mercenaries for hire if the situation is right.

It’s not about the biggest payout that makes them act, it’s the amount of evil that determines their targets.  Rescuing kidnapped families, stopping pedophiles, destroying the rich that prey on the weak, all under the cover of a motorcycle club.  Why? Every one of these club members were themselves the victims of a mercenarily, evil Russian government organization that hired torturers and pedophiles to train children into becoming assassins.  Now they’ve taken back control and are helping others like themselves.

Reaper is the enforcer of Torpedo Ink, he is the one that took on the worst assignments so that the others didn’t have too.  He’s emotionally shattered and on the verge of taking his own life to protect the world from himself.  Anya is trying to get her life back on track and works as a bartender in the Torpedo Ink bar.  Since she started working there, Reaper has been a shadow lurking in the corner, never speaking to her or approaching.  When she overhears him trying to get her fired she confronts her secret crush, not knowing that she could be endangering her life.  Reaper and Anya must now navigate a new danger to the club, Anya’s past, Reaper’s secrets and the highs and lows of building a relationship in the underground motorcycle world.

Christine Feehan does it again with the beginning of this new spin-off series!  Usually a spin-off of a spin-off does not work well, but the progression of these books is logical and fun to read.  The original series is the Drake Sisters, which follows the relationships of the seven magical Drake sisters.  This then lead to the Sisters of the Heart series, where six women [one a Drake cousin] have come together to heal from their emotional scars.  The men that find them are actually the Prakenskii brothers, a Russian family whose magic emulates the Drake sisters.  The final Prakenskii brother is actually the club president for Torpedo Ink, which brings us to this series.

All of Christine Feehan’s novel are really well written romance stories with great characters and passionate moments.  It’s also nice that she’s willing to end series when they need to be ended instead of dragging them out endlessly.   Judgement Road is a nice beginning to a new series that lets readers also revisit couples from the previous series but does not require knowledge of any of the previous stories to enjoy.

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