The Trespasser by Tana French

The Trespasssers Tana French“The Trespasser” by Tana French, New York, New York : Viking Books, 2016.

Detective Antoinette Conway dreamed about joining the murder squad, but years later it isn’t what she thought it would be.  Vicious pranks and harassment around every corner, from everyone except her partner, Stephen Moran.  When another by-the-numbers lover’s quarrel gone bad is handed to them and their commander assigns them a babysitter ‘seasoned’ detective, Conway is seriously considering handing in her notice.

Conway and Moran work hard to piece together what should be an easy enough heat of the moment crime to solve.  But none of the pieces surrounding the life and murder of Aislinn Murray are fitting together the way they should be.  Plus, Conway knows that she’s encountered the murder victim somewhere before.  With their ‘babysitter’ detective pressuring them to arrest Aislinn’s new boyfriend, a busy-body reporter making them look bad, Aislinn’s friend hinting that she knew Aislinn might have been in danger, and a shadowy figure watching Antoinette’s home from up the hilly road things are beginning to point towards a conspiracy.  The only question now is this conspiracy in their heads? In Aislinn’s life? Or in their department?

Being someone that enjoys a good mystery, author Tana French is a welcome addition to a ‘must read’ list.  Antoinette was a really great character to follow, she is just enough of a strong willed female that you rally behind her, but also belligerent and stubborn enough to find irritating at times too.  With her mixed heritage and almost abrasive attitude, readers can’t tell if perceived prejudices are because of her personality or actual discriminatory prejudices.  We do know that it is because of her abrasive personality that tension rises between co-workers, forcing Conway and Moran to find creative ways to investigate their case.

“The Trespassers” is an interesting read about an Irish police department.  The societal differences between Ireland and the U.S. were subtle and fun to read about, especially the difference between how their justice system might work and ours. Conway is a fun character with a lot of internal twists and turns, so many that it was sometimes frustrating to be inside her head.  All around a decent read that will make readers want to read more Tana French novels!

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