A New Library Service is Beginning

Mobile Cafe at Eli WhitneyThe Alamance County Public Library is driving into the 21st century with a new service: Mobile Café providing Pop-Up Internet Service.  On Monday, August 20, 2018 the Mobile Café will offer technology and Wi-Fi service at eight locations in northern and southern Alamance County. The converted 2004 Chevy Astro Minivan that was once the library’s courier van has gotten a make-over and upgrade.  Stocked with tables, chairs, beverages, and snacks to sell, the Mobile Café strives for comfort and access with an antenna that offers a 300-foot radius of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Alamance County Public Libraries is partnering with a variety of community organizations in some of the more isolated parts of Alamance County to act as library mobile stops.  The four northern stops will be Beth Schmidt Park, Scott Community Health, Pleasant Grove Recreation Center, and Fairview United Methodist Church.  The four southern stops will be Cedarock Park, Rock Creek A.M.E. Church, Cane Creek Friends Meeting, and Eli Whitney Recreation Center.

Internet access, through home service and Wi-Fi, are becoming a standard resource that most citizens need and are increasingly critical for children and adults who engage in educational endeavors. Schools and businesses have begun to move towards assigning homework and accepting applications completely through electronic means, and yet, according to 2015 Community Health Assessment, 31.3% of Alamance County have no internet access at home.

“The new Mobile Café will assist all citizens to bridge the digital divide and have better access to resources available only online,” said Jason Rogers, Assistant Director of Community Relations.  “We want to be able to provide a service to help with connecting those who have little or no access in the communities where they live.”

See full route schedule and details here!