Big Impact Landscaping by Sara Benrick

Big Impact Landscaping by Sara Bendrick“Big Impact Landscaping” by Sara Bendrick, Salem, MA : Page Street Publishing Co, 2017

With the weather cooling down this Fall, it’s a good time to tackle some of those outdoor projects. Landscaping projects can have a big impact on your home’s value and also provide some beautiful havens to relax in your yard.  If you need some help getting inspiration for your yard, “Big Impact Landscaping” by Sara Bendrick is one of many resources available at the library for your DIY project needs.

This book is broken into three sections: outdoor living spaces; stone, lumber, metal and masonry; and plants and natural spaces.  Within each section there are chapters that break down projects into further categories. The chapters focus on different areas of your outdoor space, beginning with basic information that could impact where you place items, discussions of possible material types and detailed instructions for quick projects and more in-depth projects.

Projects are rated with one to four $ symbols ranging in ‘inexpensive, minimal cost’ to ‘very expensive.’ Project plans are very detailed with basic blueprints and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.  Photos throughout the book add great motivation to attempt these various projects.

If this novel isn’t your cup of tea, there are always a lot of other options to help spruce up your outdoor spaces this Fall.  Book options range from expert level carpenter to beginner, never held a tool before.  Stop by the Alamance County Public Libraries and ask staff for assistance or browse our online catalog any time.  Here are a few other options currently available that might suit you better.  Upcycling Outdoors by Max McMurdo, Homemade for the Garden by Susan Guagliumi, Outdoor Carpentry by Anna Jeppsson, Cool Stuff for Your Garden by Pam Scheunemann, Homemade Garden Projects by Lorene Forkner and many more!  If you’re not interested in improving your outdoor living spaces with projects, there are also plenty of books focusing on gardening tips and plant focused landscaping too!

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