Gmorning, Gnight! Little pep talks for me & you by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Gmorning, Gnight! Little pep talks for me & you by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Illustrated by Jonny Sun; New York : Random House, 2018.

Award-winning composer, lyricist, and performer of Broadway musicals, Hamilton and Into the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda brings his positive outlook to bookshelves everywhere.GMorning Gnight by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Before Miranda ever won a Tony, he won the hearts of his Twitter followers with his daily good morning messages and evening signoffs. He wanted to send a genuine greeting to those who sought to listen to what he had to say. Years later his followers have begged that he make them into a book and their wish was granted. Each page is a short “Gmorning” or “Gnight” message with illustrations by Jonny Sun that are reminiscent of Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.  The messages are simple, humorous, or inspirational like, “Good morning. Good gracious. Your smile is contagious.”

Miranda says that these wishes to his followers are things that he wishes for himself. The “Gnight” signoffs mirror the “Gmorning” but have changed to show support for you whether your day went as planned or not. These pep talks are a light in a dark world where depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. They reach off the page and hug you. This is not a book to read in one sitting, but to grab off your nightstand in the morning or evening when you need a pick me up, a friendly word, or a reaffirmation of who you are or what you capable of. When reading, if you are a fan of his, you hear his voice and the lyrical way his words flow. He is an inspiration for how we should treat ourselves and others daily. “Gnight. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND WE LIKE HAVING YOU AROUND. *ties one end of this sentence to your heart, the other end to everyone who loves you, even the ones you haven’t heard from in a while* *checks knots* THERE. STAY PUT YOU. TUG IF YOU NEED ANYTHING.”

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