Picture Books for Readers of All Ages

While picture books might be targeted towards younger readers, these recent releases are sure to delight readers of all ages, through clever plots and beautiful illustrations.

“Hungry Bunny” by Claudia Rueda. Chronicle Books, 2018. $15.99

Picture books that invite readers to interact with what’s on the page are increasing in popularity, as the interactive elements help bring the story to life. “Hungry Bunny” takes the interactivity a step further by including a red ribbon bookmark that doubles as the bunny’s scarf. Bunny is in the woods, when they find some delicious apples hanging from a tree. But Bunny soon discovers they will need some assistance from the reader. The combination of charcoal and digital are illustrations with a limited color palate are very charming, and readers will be eager to help out the hungry bunny again and again.

“Found” by Jeff Newman and Larry Day. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Found by Jeff Newman & Larry DayReaders, 2018. $17.99

Wordless picture books are excellent choices for young readers, as they force the reader to look closely at the illustrations and practice their narrative skills in telling what is happening on the page. “Found” by Jeff Newman and Larry Day is the perfect choice for anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet. A young girl is searching for her lost dog Prudence when she finds a stray dog in the rain. She brings it inside, and cares for it, and it seems to lift her spirits. However, she is faced with a tough decision when she spots a missing poster describing the dog she has found. While there are some bittersweet elements in this story, the sketchy illustrations of the girl and the dogs will win over the hearts of any reader.

“The Neighbors” by Einat Tsarfati. Translated by Annette Appel. Harry N. Abrams, 2019. $16.99

Perfect for anyone who loves playing I Spy or Where’s Waldo, “The Neighbors” is a colorful and imaginative story about what happens behind the closed doors of a young girl’s apartment building. The main character lives in an apartment with seven floors. As she climbs, she imagines who might live behind each door. These imagined residents include a family of thieves, a family of acrobats, and even a vampire. The illustrations what the apartments might look like are filled with details that will require repeated readings so no details will be missed.

“Quiet” by Tomie dePaola Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2018. $17.99

Tomie dePaola invites readers to experience quiet and stillness in his latest work. Two kids are on a walk with their grandfather when they notice how all the animals rush. Grandfather invites them to sit on a bench and experience the stillness around them. Through colorful illustrations, and simple text, this calm book will invite readers to experience their world through a different viewpoint.

Take the time to get lost in one of these wonderful picture books today!

Elizabeth Weislak is the Youth Services Coordinator for Alamance County Public Libraries. She may be reached at eweislak@alamancelibraries.org