Walking the Americas

Walking the Americas by Levison Wood

Walking the Americas by Levison Wood

Do you have a touch of wanderlust or an itch for adventure? If so, look no further than Levison Wood’s latest book where he takes an epic journey from the small coastal town of Sisal, Mexico (which lies on the Yucatán peninsula) to Sapzurro, Panama (which is just outside of Columbia, South America).

Like any wise globe trekker, Wood did not go alone. Joined by long-time friend Alberto, the duo set out on this 1,800 mile walk. As you can imagine, they had encounters with venomous snakes, giant jungle spiders, howler monkeys, wild cats, and many other animals while adventuring through the wilderness. Camping on this trip was quite challenging, especially as the weather was either exceptionally hot or rainy. Outside of natural dangers, which included a tropical storm rolling through, Levison and Alberto also travelled through areas that were known for having high levels of drug smuggling, human traffickers, and serious gang activity.

Relying on his training from his days in the British Army, Levison Wood nimbly handles a variety of situations ranging from getting caught in a quicksand trap to nearly being impaled on sharp rocks. Of course there were moments where the journey was quite relaxing too. They encountered many amiable and hospitable people that were more than willing to assist them along the way, even though they may not have understood why they were choosing to walk so many miles when they could drive.

There were moments where both adventurers felt the immense physical and psychological stress from walking for days on end while never knowing exactly what might lie ahead However, it was this adventurer’s spirit that drove both men forward. Without saying much more, this book reads much like a novel and puts you right into his shoes. If you enjoy this book, check out Levison Wood’s other books “Walking the Nile” and “Walking the Himalayas”.

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