Wolf Rain

Wolf Rain by Nalini Singh

Alexei is a strong lieutenant of the Snowdancer pack who is struggling with the demise of his brother over one year ago.  During his solitary excursions into the isolated parts of Snowdancer territory, he finds himself blasted with grief.  Determining that only an E-Psy could broadcast their emotions that strongly, he seeks out the source of the overwhelming emotion only to discover a secret bunker they never knew existed. 

Memory has been imprisoned since she was eight years old, when a man targeting her mother as his next victim discovers that Memory is a rare kind of E Psy that he can ‘feed’ off of.  Her sub-designation of E is so rare it doesn’t even have a classification, and works mostly with those dark individuals who have a bottomless pit of emptiness inside them.  They ‘feed’ off energy, giving them a brief illusion of being a whole person with emotional depth and understanding and not a psychopath. 

Having spent the past fifteen years in a physical and mental prison, Memory is slow to trust in the stranger who appears one day and helps her escape the mountain-top bunker.  She is thrust out into the world, having to interact with changelings, other Es, other Psy, and prove that she is her own person and not the construct of her psychopathic captor.  Determined to thrive, she must also prove to Alexei that she is drawn to him not because he saved her life but because of her own well-rounded emotional understanding.

Alexei and Memory are navigating a path through their own hang-ups, while the Psy race is also struggling to survive their new understanding of an E dependent psy-net.  The degradation is increasing even with the E honeycomb in place and new powers and strengths are appearing in the Net.  A black, nothingness that can overpower even the strongest amongst them is targeting the Es and a determined captor is fighting to get his prisoner back.  Do Memory and Alexei have a bigger part to play in the survival of their world?

The Psy-Changeling world created by Nalini Singh is an intricate web of three races co-existing (sort of) in a world fraught with danger and intrigue.  This series is broken into two parts, the original Psy-Changeling series that contains fifteen novels and many short stories and the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, in which “Wolf Rain” is the third novel.  All novels can be read as stand-alone books but as they build on each other and characters always reappear in later novels it works much better to read them in order.  If you’re looking for a new paranormal romance series with changelings, psychic powers and humans struggling for supremacy, this is the series for you!

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