99 Percent Mine

“99 Percent Mine,” by Sally Thorne. Copyright 2019, Harper Collins (342 pages, $15.99).

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

If you’re looking to steam up your August then look no further than Sally Thorne’s second novel 99 Percent Mine. Join Darcy Barrett as she navigates being home for the first time in a long time when her and her twin brother, Jamie, inherit their late grandmother’s old home to renovate and sell. The thing about Darcy and being home is that she is now back around Tom. Tom who is the house-flipper extraordinaire. Tom who is Darcy’s “perfect man”. Tom who is Jamie’s best friend and therefore off limits to Darcy even though she’s been pining for Tom for just as long as he has been in her and Jamie’s life.

Darcy is anxious to jet off as soon as possible but that all changes when she finds out Jamie wants to modernize their grandmother’s lovely, quaint cottage with chrome and gray color schemes. Darcy rationalizes that her staying in town has absolutely nothing to do with Tom being hired to flip the home (or that he is now single for the first time in a decade) and everything to do with stopping Jamie from ruining the magic that is their grandmother’s home.

While living at her grandmother’s home during the renovation, Darcy is able to interact with Tom while he works. She feels in her heart that something is going on between the two of them (though that could be her heart defect acting up again) but Tom seems to pull away while at the same time claiming her as “his” in front of his construction crew. Darcy is in a whirlwind with her emotions for Tom and with her emotions about herself but she’s done with having Tom in her life for only the little bit she has allowed for herself. Jamie and Tom be damned, she’s going to have all of Tom or none at all.

Darcy has decided to stake her claim on Tom before the renovations are done and if he doesn’t want her after that, then she’ll get out of his arms and life and take back what little bit of her heart is left. But what she doesn’t expect is him being so tender with her and her heart (metaphorically and physically) and Tom wanting her to be 100 percent his as much as she wants Tom to be 100 percent hers.

If you’re looking for something light but heartfelt, like this reader was, then give Thorne’s book 100 percent a chance! If you like 99 Percent Mine then check out Sally Thorne’s other book, The Hating Game.

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