Everyday Millionaires

Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan. Brentwood, Tennessee : Ramsey Press, 2019. 250 pp.

Everyday Millionaires by Chris Hogan

If asked what their one dream or wish would be, many people would probably answer something along the lines of “to be independently wealthy” or “to not have to worry about money” or, more specifically, “to be a millionaire.” For many people, this wish or dream will always remain just that—a wish or a dream. Most “ordinary” or “everyday” people would not even think of it being in the realm of possibility. However, in this easy-to-read, easy-to-understand book, author Chris Hogan, a former football coach turned financial coach, lays out a direct path to becoming a millionaire that the everyday person can follow, even with limited financial knowledge or a low-paying job.

For this book, Chris Hogan and his team took a deep and broad look at many “ordinary” American millionaires. Everyday Millionaires encompasses in-depth interviews and research done on over 10,000 American millionaires. These individuals were given a 119-page questionnaire regarding their background, spending and investing habits, career, and more. Hogan’s definition of a millionaire is someone whose net worth is at or above one million dollars. Net worth is the value of assets (what you own) minus the value of debt (what you owe others). Therefore, a person’s income or career does not necessarily dictate their ability to become a millionaire. In fact, a high percentage of the millionaires participating in the study have the unexpected career choice of farmer, but are still able to become independently wealthy and raise their net worth to over a million dollars.

Fascinating real-life stories from these millionaires are interspersed throughout the book, making these individuals relatable and even more inspirational.

They aren’t celebrities. Very few received an inheritance. Many are blue collar workers. Hogan breaks down the five common traits he found when he studied this wide range of millionaires.

This is not a money book loaded with financial terms and complicated math. This book emphasizes that it is specific behaviors, hard work, and planning that can change the course of a person’s destiny and a family’s legacy. Hogan’s writing style is relatable and motivational. For some guidance on how to change your lifestyle—to potentially change your life—pick up Everyday Millionaires.

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