The Mission of Libraries

Did you know that there is a bill of rights for libraries? In 1939 the American Library Association (ALA) adopted a Bill of Rights that states the basic principles governing the service of all libraries, including public libraries. It has been amended several times since then, but still stands as an important foundation to the… The Mission of Libraries

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You have spoken and we are listening!

Our strategic plan process is officially finished and now begins the process of adjusting our goals to address the needs of Alamance County.  Our strategic plan process was undertaken by citizens in our community, elected officials, and library staff but ultimately organized by our consultant, Dr. Chow.  Through focus groups, community meetings, and one-on-one interviews… You have spoken and we are listening!

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Introducing our new Associate Director of Community Relations…

In the 10 years before I became Director of Alamance County Public Libraries, I worked as Head of Technical Services in another library. During that time, I became active in the Public Library Section of the North Carolina Library Association. It was during my tenure as Chair of this committee that I met a remarkable… Introducing our new Associate Director of Community Relations…

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Thanks to the Community

Libraries are uniquely positioned at the heart of local communities, enjoying public trust as repositories of knowledge and offering democratic access. Public libraries leverage their assets to open up new possibilities and dynamically engage the community. Alamance County’s mission is to provide learning opportunities for all members of our community to be successful in living… Thanks to the Community

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Focus Groups

We want to know what you are thinking! I know what I think libraries should be doing for our community, but that isn’t necessarily what you might want or be interested in. Administrative Library staff are having a lot of conversations about what we want our role to be and what impact we want to… Focus Groups

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Spring Renewal

As I write this the snow is melting, the daylight hours are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer.  I was able to sit on my back porch and enjoy a good book and some sunshine yesterday.  There’s nothing like a hint of Spring to give you a sense of renewal. Your libraries are… Spring Renewal

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SOAR Award Nominees

Recently Alamance County Government implemented something they call the SOAR Award.  It is given each quarter to a county employee that demonstrates excellence in their field.  Nominations can be made by the public and by other County employees.  This past quarter 33 county employees were nominated.  Seven of those were from our libraries!  What a… SOAR Award Nominees

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