I have been thinking about changes a lot lately.  It seems like all aspects of my life are undergoing changes this fall.  Some of them I’m ready for and welcome, some make me sad, and some promise to be quite an adventure whether I’m ready or not!  All of them challenge me to become a… Changes

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Busy September

I used to think that summers were the time of year where you moved at a slower pace.  School was out and, even though I always worked during summer, life just seemed quieter and easier.  If you visited any of your local libraries this summer, you quickly saw that this isn’t necessarily the case!  Libraries… Busy September

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Many Services Available at YOUR Libraries

There’s been a lot of discussion in the papers recently about the Alamance County budget.  County Manager, Craig Honeycutt, presented his proposal for the 2011 – 2012 budget to the Board of Commissioners in May.  Tonight, the Commissioners will hold a public hearing, allowing the public an opportunity to comment on the recommended budget.  With… Many Services Available at YOUR Libraries

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