If you’re 18 or older sign up to get personalized book selection services from a dedicated selector!

Fill out our online form to let your selector know your reading preferences and within three (3) days your assigned selector will contact you to introduce you to the program.

Steps to getting your curated collection:

  • Fill out our form – be sure to let us know how you prefer to be contacted. We offer the option of phone calls or emails.
  • Within three (3) days your selector will contact you to introduce themselves.
  • Within the next seven (7) days your items will be ready and you will be notified by your preferred contact method.
    • Your bag will contain three (3) books: (print or audiobooks) each time
  • Stop by your library branch to pick up your bag of materials
  • When you are done with your materials, return them to the library along with the feedback form, and your selector will prepare your next collection. Can’t find your feedback form? You can complete it online here and select ‘Yes’ for the “Have You Used this Service Before” question.